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My name is YASSINE, I'm from Marrakech, Morocco. As most of the world would know we are famous for our high quality and uniquely designed rugs. My passion for Moroccan carpets has led me to travel for numerous years throughout Morocco, looking for inspiration to help create the unique designs that I can share with the world. 

My passion for carpets has been passed down through my family, with My Father 'MEHDI' being an Expert on Berber Carpets. With my eye for design and my Fathers' knowledge and skill with Berber carpets, together we can produce top-quality rugs, that are shipped all around the world. 

All of our rugs are one of a kind, designed by me, and handmade by the very talented Aicha and her daughters. Aicha is from the High Atlas and is a Mother of 4 daughters, to whom she is dedicated to passing her knowledge and skills of weaving onto. I feel so lucky to work with these women and together watch these uniquely beautiful carpets take shape. 

If you have any enquires or requests please feel free to contact me via the contact link. 

Thanks for visiting my shop. I hope you’ll find happiness with one of our designs. 

History of Moroccan Carpets.

Although it has centuries of existence, the manufacture of Morocco carpets did not receive the interest it deserved from Historians. Ibn Khaldun, the leading Tunisian Arab historiographer and historian of the 14th century, evokes on many occasions the trades which were practised in his times, particularly the fabric smoothing with which he dealt in five lines, without making the least hint to the carpets.

It is only at the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century that foreign literature: French, German, English and even American, started to discover the Moroccan carpets, to define the various types and indicate their production locations, but failed to mention their history. 

It was through my travels of Morocco that my passion for this history of carpets led me to create designs that I wish to share with the world.